Jim started Tennessee Valley Teen Challenge in 2000 under the covering of Memphis Teen Challenge. As the need grew, and under the approval of Memphis, Jim began the long process of becoming a 501 C-3 non-profit Teen Challenge program in Hardin County. We are now Tennessee Valley Teen Challenge, Inc., a non-residential Christ centered program for people and their families with life controlling problems. We have also branched out into surrounding counties. And we are excited to announce we are now a full one year residential program for men. Jim has a bachelor's degree in Theology and has pastored 2 churches. He comes to us with much experience and much devotion and dedication.



Since her marriage to Jim, the executive director, 25 years ago, Amy has always been in some type of ministry. In 2003, she came on with us as part time staff. As the need and her responsibilties grew, she is now full time staff. She is a great asset to the ministry, mostly behind the scenes. She and Jim have three wonderful boys: Joshua, 23, Demetrius, 21, and Joseph, 16.



Dennis is a welcome addition to our staff. He has been with us for many years, and is a vital part of this ministry. He has a servan'ts heart, and helps in all aspects of Tennessee Valley Teen Challenge, Inc. 

Lisa Brown
Program Director over Madison, Decatur and Henderson Counties

Lisa comes to us with much devotion and dedication to our ministry. She works specially with our Lifeline program in these three counties. She helps coordinate meetings and goes to the courts to help those that need our Lifeline Program. Lisa continues to help us help those with life controlling problems. She has been a vital part of this ministry for almost five years. She is also able to help someone that needs our one year residential program. She is married to her wonderful husband, Shane.

Jay Brockman

Education/Fundraising Coordinator

After graduating our one year residential program in October of 2015, Jay felt he needed to continue to be a part of this ministry. Jay now is full time with us as our Education/Fundraising Coordinator. Jay helps with all aspects of educating our Men of Excellence Students and is a much needed help with our many fundraisers throughout the year. He is married to Jessica, and have one son, Trey, Welcome Jay.

Justin Taylor

Construction/Handyman extraordinaire

Justin Taylor is the newest member of our staff. After graduating our program, we realized that Justin can fix almost anything. God has given him a gift, and he has already been a tremendous blessing to this ministry. He and his wife, Keisha, have been married for eight years, and have two children, Kylie, 7, and Kaden, 2. Welcome Justin.

J.T. King

In House Staff

After graduation, J.T. felt to stay and help continue the work here at the center. He helps in all aspects of our program; from work crew, lawn care, and overseeing our Men of Excellence. J.T. has always had a willing heart to do whatever is asked of him. So glad he is part of our staff.

Gage Franklin

Lawn Care Director

Gage is a graduate of our one year residential program. He brings to our staff a wonderful, and infectious joy. Gage oversees and manages our lawn care with the  Men of Excellence. We are excited to welcome Gage and what God has in store for him. He is married to his wonderful wife, Alison, and have a beautiful daughter, Autry, 10 months.