Our Local Programs

One Year Residential

Residents come to Adult & Teen Challenge, Tennessee Valley with substance abuse and behavioral problems.  These individuals need to break old patterns of behavior and develop new, healthy habits over a long period of time to make them permanent.


Six month out patient program. Now that Teen Challenge is in your community, you don’t have to choose between your job and getting help for life controlling problems. Our meetings, led by qualified facilitators let you live at home while receiving the help you need so you can keep your job, your home, your life.  Lifeline meets in five surrounding counties.

Court Services

We provide court services Savannah, Selmer, Jackson, Lexington, and Parsons.

​​​​​​​We are able to help those who are court ordered for long term residential treatment or a six month non-residential program. Local staff represent Tennessee Valley Teen Challenge at these courts to continue to help those with life controlling problems.

Teen Challenge Ministry in Greece

With the help of Global and Europe Teen Challenge we now have the first ever teen challenge center in the nation of Greece.

School Prevention

In the past several years, we have spoken to over 15,500 student with our prevention programs.

We continue to speak in local and surrounding Middle and High Schools.